Kristen Carney

Hey, I’m Kristen. I’m a comic, writer and actress. I like to think of myself as a female Larry David (if Larry was less funny, unsuccessful and not Jewish).  

You may have heard me co-hosting a bunch on Loveline w/ Dr. Drew and Mike as well as sitting in as Adam Carolla's sidekick on The Adam Carolla Show. I also co-host a podcast on the Sideshow Network called "Ask Women” and have been on shows on Sirius XM, Playboy Radio and a bunch of things like that.  

You also may (or may not) have seen me doing stand up a couple of times on Laughs on Fox, acting in sketches on Comedy Central, hosting on or on my sketch comedy youtube channel, See You Next Tuesday.  

And, you may (or may not) have read some funny stuff I’ve written on sites I contribute to like Someecards, HelloGiggles or Witstream.

Either way, you can catch me doing stand up around LA or pretending to be cool writing screenplays in coffee shops. 

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